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Workers Compensation Lawyers / Work Injuries


Workers Compensation Lawyers / Work Injuries

Workers Compensation Lawyers / Work Injuries

Workers' compensation systems provide for financial compensation for work-related injuries of employees, in particular compensation of lost wages and sometimes also for medical costs. If your loved one has died in a work-related accident, there are often benefits available to you, the dependent, as well. On an average day, 153 workers lose their lives as a result of workplace injuries and illnesses, and another 15,600 are injured. That's one workplace death or injury every five seconds. The injured worker is often taken advantage of because they do not know their rights. Your employer may not tell you of all the rights you have and the insurance company is strictly concerned with minimizing the cost of your claim. This means you may not have all the available information regarding job retraining, overtime pay benefits, wage differential benefits, statute of limitations, notice requirements, repetitive traumas, maintenance payments when being retrained and settlements.

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