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Center for Postgraduate Studies Alexander Racini & Associates - Scholarships & Grants


Center for Postgraduate Studies Alexander Racini & Associates - Scholarships & Grants

Welcome to our Center for Postgraduate Studies Alexander Racini & Associates

Scholarships & Grants for Law Students, Lawyers, Legal Staff and other Careers

Scholarships and Financial Aid to Study Abroad in NYC USA Masters, Diploma and Courses.

Want to participate for Scholarships & Grants in New York (USA) or Europe?

The Center For Postgraduate Studies Alexander Racini & Associates opens a new period of applications to obtain financial help to study abroad. Programs will be offered in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

How to Apply?

Process is very simply, you only have to submit your application using the electronic form (E-Form) for that purpose; if you meet the requirements you can benefit with discounts to study abroad in USA or Europe: Master of Laws, Economics, Courses of Music, Arts, 3D graphic software, Diplomas and so much more. Discounts in tuition go from 10% to 100% of total price of the educational program you want to apply.

Promotional Video - Scholarships & Grants Program

Video presented by Ysa Racini, COO at AR&A and Director-General of the Center For Postgraduate Studies Alexander Racini & Associates

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Scholarship Program Introduction 

Center for Postgraduate Studies Alexander Racini & Associates - Scholarships & Grants

Our Study Center provides an opportunity for young students, academic talents, lawyers, solicitors, legal staff and more to study abroad by applying for Scholarships and Grants, which includes financial aid and based on merit awards according to their academic background.

Our allies on this program include International Universities and Worldwide Institutes, they collaborate with us in order for this beautiful project to be sustained day to day providing access to thousands of students each year, especially considering the fact that postgraduate studies abroad are relatively expensive and not everyone can have access to them.

What programs abroad can be accessed through the Center

Postgraduate Studies, Master Degrees, PhDs in Law, Finance, Economics, Medicine and Arts; diplomas are also available in several field of studies, especially in the legal and artistic area as music theory, composition, introduction to classical orchestra,  painting, 3D Computer Graphic Software, 3D Design, other courses and specializations in foreign languages, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Latin.

In what mode can I attend the classes; Do I have to travel to the US?

The mode of study for the Scholarships and Grants will be awarded to the selected students depending on availability at the time of the selection. The modes of study are: Classroom, blended and online (Virtual Campus).
When applying to the program the student will have the opportunity to choose which format he prefers as well as the type of program to apply, but if selected and the chosen program is not available at the time, he will be notified about the options available to study so he can benefit from the scholarship or grant.

What kind of scholarships are offered by the Study Center

There are two kind of academic awards to be offered depending on the profile of the candidate: Scholarships and Grants.
Grants consist on Financial Aid due to lack of economic resources to access to studies abroad.
Merit Scholarships are awarded to students whose resumes are having outstanding academic record (above the standard grades); on the other hand the financial aid is granted independently of the academic record.

What's the percentage of discount of the Scholarships and Grants

The percentages vary depending on the program to study in principle ranging from 10% to 100% of the total cost of tuition.

In addition to tuition costs is there also any help or support for travel and accommodation expenses

For the Classroom Mode there is the possibility to access to economic help to cover  costs of accommodation during the time the program lasts in US, this will depend on availability at the time of the selection.

What other benefits could be accessed through the Study Center

Candidates who apply for scholarships through the Center for Postgraduate Studies Alexander Racini could also have access to other professional benefits, such as: Employment Exchange Program, Job Vacancies, internships programs (law firm stages) in accordance with your country of origin, access to discounts for academic events in different locations, among others.

From which countries can I apply and what languages are accepted

Candidates can apply from any country in the world; students from any country or nationality are welcome to our Study Centre, it is essential that students master at least one of these languages: English, Spanish, French or Portuguese. If the selected student speaks in any other language won't be able to access the benefits because the program is only available in the four languages mentioned above.

How do I apply to the Study Center and Scholarship Program

To participate in the selection process and access the benefits, the applicant must submit his application in any of this two options:
Option 1) (Recommended option) Click down below to open the E-Form, so you can access to the online application form, you will be able to attach the required documents.
Option 2) Download the form, fill up the blanks and send it to out administrative headquarters along with a printed version of your resume and your profile picture. Note: For this option we only accept express courier (DHL and FedEx only) not airmail or other couriers are accepted. Previously to shipping you need to notify us by email to check if our office is not on holidays. 

What requirements must accompany the application

In order to process your application you must successfully attach all required documents and fill up all the blanks, leaving empty spaces will result in the system failure to send data.
The documents are (condicio sine qua non): Curriculum Vitae or Resume updated to the time of application; profile photo (color) with minimum resolution of 300px X 300px (blurring or less resolution images won't be accepted).

Are you ready to apply and study abroad?

If you are ready to submit your application before you open the E-form have your documents at hand so you can attach them to the form. 
To start the process just click the button "Download E-Form".

IMPORTANT: If you have ad blocker installed in your browser or any antivirus that blocks pop-ups that could prevent the button to be displayed, temporarily disable it and reload this page.

Contact information

If you have further questions you can get in touch with us by using the following contact details: