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The History Of Our Firm / Alexander Racini & Associates


The History Of Our Firm / Alexander Racini & Associates

The History Of Our Firm AR&A

Alexander Racini & Associates International Law Firm

The Largest Franco-American Law Firm Worldwide

XII - Ancient house of XVI century, Caen, France
Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, Photochrom Collection

Alexander Racini & Associates is an international law firm with franco-american roots.

The original name is Racine, found in England and France, is of Old French origin; the meaning also comes from the former French and English meaning "raison", reasoning, intellectual power, which in turn comes from the Latin "ratio", a derivative of "reri" for the word "think".

The name was probably first introduced to England by the Normans in the aftermath of the conquest in 1066, and was presented again later by French Huguenots fleeing religious persecution in France in the late sixteenth and seventeenth century. In England, the name was Anglicized in variant forms: Resun, Reasun, Racine, Reason and Rayson.

You can read the complete story of the origin and etymology of  Racine on our website for France click here (only available in French)

 Dr. Alexander Racini, Professor of Law

Dr. Alexander Racini is an academic, Professor of International Law, Honorable member of the Faculty of Law, he is currently CEO of Alexander Racini Corporate Group & Chairman at Alexander Racini & Associates Racini International Law Firm, with impeccable academic and educational career, Professor Alexander Racini has been a fundamental key to our rapid and successful expansion, today we are proudly recognized  as the fastest growing international firm in the world.

We are the only international law firm which currently holds associated legal offices in
the largest and most important cities in the world, at the present time we have more than 2.300 lawyers located in each point of the globe, in more than 70 countries and 450 cities.
Due to our organizational structure we can provide you with legal counselors, legal representatives, solicitors, from small civil, commercial, criminal, tax or labor law to the largest companies established in any region internationally.

Meet our Executive Board here

Mission, Vision & Values

The Roadmap of our Firm starts with our mission: Enduring over time. We serve our clients with the highest standard of ethics and professionalism in our actions. 

Our goal is to pass on our legacy to future generations so they continue to expand and grow alongside our clients.

What are the advantages of hiring our international law firm for national and international representations:

  • We look after the interests of our clients as a bonus pater familias.
  • Our Firm has over 30 years of international legal practice.
  • We have an impeccable career in the ethical practice of law; thousands of clients can confirm this globally.
  • We hold a record of won legal cases handled in many courts (judicial and extrajudicial)
  • We specialize in arbitration and always try to find the way to resolve cases by using mediation before acting in Courts, which saves money and time to our clients. 
  • We have the highest levels of acceptance and international recognition from the most important academies and universities in the world.
  • Our legal advisers are professionals with over 20 years of experience practicing law in courts and tribunals, our attorneys are well known academics and university professors in many languages.
  • We have specialized lawyers in more than 15 languages in all areas of law globally.
  • If you are living in the US or other country and need a lawyer who speaks Spanish, French, Italian or another language, we will provide you with the specialist you need in more than 15 languages.
  • We've been leading the International Legal Market for many years in more than 90 countries.
  • We have millions of indexed searches on Google, Yahoo, etc; which positions us as leaders in the global market with the widest experience.

Alexander Racini & Associates
The Largest Franco American Law Firm Worldwide

About our team of legal advisers, representatives and lawyers

All of our Associates Attorneys representing our firm in the world hold the best international academic and professional recognition from the most prestigious universities in the world, and all of them have more than 20 years of national and international legal practice by specialty.

We only offer legal advice to our clients with lawyers with over 20 or 30 years of experience and impeccable academic and professional career.

Consolidation in the International Legal Market

We are the only International Franchise Network for Lawyers and Investors

After more than 30 years in the practice of law and with the best international awards for our impeccable track record, we decided to expand our borders to every continent by opening the first International Franchise Network for Lawyers and Investors, counting nowadays with presence in more than 70 countries and 360 cities worldwide.

To Apply for a Franchise visit the Site: